The road movie
Brand Identity / Web design
ImaginArti Film and Betavita agencies (Italy/France)

Mater Lucania is a road movie and music album that emphasizes the poetic journey of the two musician-protagonists (Antonio Onorato and Vincenzo Bavuso) around the territory of "Lucania", South Italy. 
This project has born from the desire to unveil the backstage of a unique story: the magic of a human and professional encounter among the symbolic and ancestral places of the region of Basilicata.
When working on the identity of this ambitious project, I was inspired by the strong character of the territory—a place of a unique beauty, able to surprise with the vastness of its valleys and mountains, its gullies, wolves, ancient trees and shepherds, a magical land rich in history and culture. An eternal place.

Mater Lucania, the documentary

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