February 2022 – Creative Photography Course
WHEN: 2nd February – 6th April 2022 / Every Wednesday, 7PM–9PM / 8 weeks  (NB. no lesson every 4th Wednesday of the month)
WHERE: Arbury Community Centre (Campkin Rd, Cambridge CB4 2LD). Free Parking on site & fully wheelchair accessible
FEES:  £85
WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR: Open to +18 years old people. For both beginner photographers who wants to learn photography properly and keen enthusiasts looking to fill any gaps, or needing helps in how to setup a creative project.
MATERIAL REQUIRED: (1) Camera with manual settings; (2) Laptop with Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom (could be a trial version).
HOW TO APPLY: Contact me to book your place or via phone at 0746 0722509 and I will send you the application form. The course can be paid via BACS or PayPal. Please be aware that unless payment is made at the time of enrolment, the place on the course will not be reserved. 
COVID-19:  The safety of the students community and the tutor is always our first priority. You must not attend any of our events if you are required to, or recommended to self-isolate by the NHS. Please visit the NHS Coronavirus page to check the latest news about symptoms, testing and self-isolation conditions before attending the course. Thank you for your cooperation! :)  
If you have to self-isolate, you will be send the material of the lessons you miss. In this way, you will still be able to continue studying and producing material from home. 
PLEASE NOTE: The course will start only with a minimum number of six people. If this won't start, you will be fully refunded before the start date.
This course is designed for those who wants to take full control of their camera and move away from random phone photography to a more conscious photography, in order to create personal creative projects
Each week we will immerse together in technical, practical and historical aspects of photography. 
We’ll start from the basics elements of photography, such as the relationship between ISO, aperture and shutter speed and then understand the ideal settings to operate in each light condition. We’ll realise the potential of the camera, looking at different lenses and figure out how to use them. 
The course intends to explore the history of photography and projects from many of the world’s most talented photographers, to discover new inspiring stories and ideas. This will help the students to understand the art of composition and how even a small change can make the difference. By doing this, we’ll look at different lighting schemes and learn how to create playful and meaningful effects in our photos. 
Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate photographer, the aim is to learn together by doing, working both in small collaborative groups and individually. You’ll be assigned small exercises to carry outside the class each week which will help you improve your own style and approach and find advice from each other for better shooting and editing.
At end of the course, you’ll be a confident photographer who enjoys to engage with the photographic process.
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Poster images © Jean Faucher