About twins and dualism
FINE ART Photography, Graphic Design
ISIA Urbino (Italy)
"Due gocce d'acqua" is a typical Italian expression to emphasize someone very similar to each other, and specifically is used to indicate a couple of twins.

This project has born with the purpose of a wider investigation on this topic, trying to cover all its declinations — genetics, maternity, mythology, semiology and psychology. A specific section it's been dedicated to twins within visual communication: talking about twins immediately become a way of reflect on dualism; and specifically on body, symbolism, perception and optical illusion. Then, the visual project is a combinations of all these formal elements.

I started from the question: "What does it mean to be born twin?" With the idea of playing with this concept, I made two series of portraits with non-twins models, inviting the observer to ask himself how does it feels to be a twin; and more precisely.. what does it means to live in an indistinguishable body from another person.