A ROOM IN A BOX​​​​​​​
Archive Digitisation, Photography, Graphic Design
ISIA Urbino, Italy
What does the word "home" really mean for us? How does a place where we live influence our lives? When do we actually become holder of a place?
These are the questions behind this project, also born by reading the book "Species of Spaces" by Georges Perec. I started to ask myself these questions when, at the beginning of my academic career in Urbino, and likewise of Perec, I wondered when and how a place becomes really your "own".
Therefore, at the end of the long stay in this town, it born spontaneously the necessity to put it all together, to rearrange what over the years had stratified within these roomsphotographs, posters, tickets, flowers, objects, drawings, letters, diarieson a paper surface: the same sheet determines a space delimitation, as it has its own border.
"Tra queste mura non avevo previsto una geografia delle pelli, il suono delle campane, la conta delle costellazioni. 
Ora, segui la punta dell’indice che indica il nord, che adesso ricongiunge i nei e immagina (gli occhi puoi tenerli chiusi) che non esiste il mattone rosa, la strada in salita, il bivio, che non esiste un dopo — o un’idea del dopo."
This project has been published at the Fahrenheit 39 Festival (2017) and in the Behance Graphic Design Gallery (2016).